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Gordon Barlow

I would be delighted to have my blog on your blogroll! What do I need to do? I live in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. The blog began as a commentary about local life and politics, but now it’s more general.

Here are a couple of lightweight posts to give you the flavour:
“Aiding and abetting adultery in the South Pacific” (November)
“When the clock struck four (cricket in Corfu)” (October)



Many thanks for including me, MS. F! Like the new look…you encourage me to migrate as well.



Yay, I’m in there!

What I love about your blogroll is how exotic it is. All of those people living in all of those interesting places makes my head swim. Once I’ve managed to pull myself out of rewriting misery, I’m going to visit every single one of them. Which is a lot easier than going to all of those countries.


Miss Footloose

Yes, I enjoy reading all those blogs! Rewriting is hell, so good luck!


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